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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sex Education Video Worth Watching!

I think that we should make this a mandatory sex education video for all of our teenagers in the Untied States.  Our teens are learning about sex from pornography instead of educational videos.  This video is from the U.K.

Sex education :Difference Between Penis and Vagina IS A  WONDERFUL VIDEO

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fifty Shades of Sexy for Your Valentine

As the movie Fifty Shade of Grey plays in theaters there will be a rush to find fun sexy toys to spice up ones Valentines Day.  LELO has put it own line of kinky, erotic sexy toys out just for this special occasion.  It's not to late to get in on the action and create your own Fifty Shades of sexy with your sweetheart.....

Below are some gifts that keep on giving, for your viewing pleasure......

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Couples Guide to Better Sexual Intimacy

"As I laid down in my bed next to him, I could feel the warmth of his body against mine, it had been so long since we made love to each other.  The sad fact is I think we both just forgot how to be with one another."

"After my wife had our son, it seemed as though all of her attention was placed on him and somehow she had forgotten how to be my wife.  I longed for her to touch me again, to desire me again.  I just don't know how to approach about this anymore, please help!"


If these comments sound familiar to you then "A Couples Guide to Better Sexual Intimacy", can help you get the sexual intimacy back into your relationship.

Dr. Dawn Michael, ACS created the guidebook to help individuals and couples learn how to work together to create more intimate, loving connections with each other while at the same time improving their sex lives. After years of working with couples, Dr. Michael felt that using traditional therapeutic tools did not address the sexual issues that many couples were experiencing in their relationships. Most traditional therapeutic approaches, however, focused on the problem rather than the solution. She saw the need to develop a guide that would enable couples to open up about their sex lives. She understood that, for many couples, once the intimate connection was gone, the little things in the relationship became more of a problem. Couples could talk for hours about what they were upset about, but when it came down to hurt feelings, it usually was about the lack of intimacy in their relationship along with the skills to communicate those feelings. 

Paperback, 87 Pages
Price: $16.50
Ships in 3-5 business days

Monday, December 8, 2014

Tie Him up, Control and Tease him with your SEXY BODY

Fifty Shade of Grey, opened the door for other topics to be brought to light, such as Fifty Shades of Gretta the woman who dominated her man (not a real book yet).  We forget to see that sex play is more then Fifty Shades and can be played out in hundreds of ways.  As a clinical sexologist I help men and couples with their sex lives. For some men it is a freeing experience for them to accept their submissive side and learn to enjoy it. 

Is it really that strange that a man would enjoy being dominate by a woman at least some of the time?

When a woman sexually dominates a man, it can take the pressure off of him to perform sexually and give him the freedom to just enjoy the experience.  In my new book Intimacy Guidebook for Couples one of the exercises that I recommend for couples is to take turns being in control of the sexual experience.  One night she can control him and the next night he may decide to control her or ask her to take over again...........

The exercise works well because it gives the couple permission to play outside the normal sexual routine that they many have fallen into.  When a woman takes control over a man she can push her own sexual boundaries as well, feeling how it is to tell her man what to do, or perhaps just do what she pleases to him sexually.

When a woman controls the man sexually, he is giving himself to her and trusting that she will take care of him even if she decides to spank, peg or cane him, she still has to be responsible for his safety.  What may appear to be the woman in control it really about the trust and her taking care of him while she is sexually pleasing herself. 

For the next round of sexual play why not tie him up, control and tease him with your sexy body, click the LELO picture to view some sexy straps......!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Loss of Sexual Desire in Women can be Hormonal Imbalance

There are many reasons why a woman may suffer from the loss of sexual desire and not all of it is psychological----
In fact a large percentage of women that suffer from loss of desire is due to an imbalance in her hormones.  Anytime a woman's hormones are not regulated she can fluctuate with feeling of high desire to feeling of low desire or no sexual desire at all.  Some women who have hormonal imbalance may even go through a period of time when they feel disgusted towards sex.  When a woman has taken birth control pills, been pregnant, or going through menopause, all of this can affect hormones. 

If you are experiencing one or more of the following signs you may have hormonal imbalance.

  • Sex drive is low or absent
  • If it is difficult to become aroused or you cannot maintain arousal during sexual activity
  • You have pain during sexual activity
  • You cannot experience orgasm
  • Vaginal dryness
  • You have no desire to masturbate
  • You feel no sexual attraction at all towards anyone (Ruling out situational loss of desire)
  • You have been on birth control pills recently or for a long period of time and notice a change in desire.
  • You have been pregnant or given birth and it has been over 3 months and you still feel no sexual desire.

Female sexual dysfunction isn’t uncommon – in fact many women experience problems with sexual function at some point in their lives.  Female sexual dysfunction can be a lifelong problem, or can happen later in life after you have experienced a period of satisfactory functioning.  There are many possible symptoms and causes; fortunately they are treatable.
Communicating your concerns and understanding your body and its normal response to sexual activity are the most important steps to take toward change.  If you feel like you have a hormonal imbalance it is important that you get your hormones tested.  The best test for hormones is a saliva test, that can be ordered by your doctor and done at your home.

For more information on hormone testing call (805) 492-6123 or e-mail

 You don't have to live without a sex drive anymore get the help you need and enjoy the intimacy that you once had, or always wanted to have!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Does the amount of semen decrease as a man ages?

As a Clinical Sexologist,  part of my time is spent helping people with sexual issues and the other part of my time is doing research to help those people.   One area of research that I study because of the amount of men that ask the same question is about the volume of semen that they produce.  While looking for a definitive answer to the question I found that there were several reasons why this may happen.  One is related to testosterone levels that drop and it can affect the volume of the semen....but this is only the case in rare instances.  What I did find out was other information that may help to answer the question.

Yes, it is true that for some men even in their twenties that the amount of semen they produce can seem less then average or when they were at a different stage in their life.  There are products on the market that help produce more semen like Volume Pills, but that does not answer the question as to why this happens for some men.

The Answers
1.  For some men that are over the age of 50, when natural aging occurs, the muscle that pushes the semen out of the penis is not as strong as it may have been when a man was in his 20's, 30's and 40's.  The solution to this can be as simple as doing penis exercises.  What I recommend to my clients is that they stand up and then produce an erection, once they have an erection, they place a towel over the penis and use the muscle to pull up and down to strengthen the muscle.  They should do this a few times a day and work up gradually to 30 reps in one day in two or three intervals.  After a few months of exercises many men see results with this simple exercise.  They experience stronger orgasm's and it gives the appearance of more semen being ejaculated at one time. 

2.  Another factor that may decrease semen is when a man leaks out semen during the day or as some men refer to as ozzzzing.  This can be from milking of the prostate or indirect stimulation causing a man to get aroused but not fully ejaculate.  As this can be a great pleasure of teasing to some men, it will also cause less seminal fluid to come out when an orgasm dose occur.

3.  The last reason that semen may seem less prevalent and more often than not, is when a man frequently masturbates several times a day depleting the body of seminal fluid and therefore having decreased volume each time.  Less frequent masturbation or using Volume Pills can help in these instances making it possible for a man to masturbate several times a day but still produce seminal flied more often than he normally would.................................

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