Friday, December 2, 2016

Bedroom Talk: Mismatched Sex Drive, What You Can Do

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Submissive Cuckold Man

For years I have been personally working with men concerning their cuckold fetish and I noticed that many of the men also wanted to be submissive to their wives in their fantasy.  The man himself is generally not submissive in daily life but when it deals wit his sexual fantasy of being a cuckold he does want his wife to control his orgasm as well as be submissive to the other man.

In this sexual fantasy the man (husband) desires his wife to have sex with another man that typically has a larger penis than his, as well as his race be black.  Many times this need or desire comes from an incident of him being cheated on at some point in his life with a girlfriend or wife and then taking that pain of losing her and it becoming the sexual fetish of cuckold.  The video goes into more depth on this matter.

Another aspect of the submissive male is the fact that he wants this other man to sexually please his wife yet be in love with her husband and never leave him because she is sexually satisfied and he is providing her the pleasure.  In many cases this is where his fantasy if it become reality has many pit falls and the biggest one is that his wife falls in love with the other man and leaves him.

The submissive cuckold man may want to watch his wife have sex with the "bull" other man informant of him or hear about it at a later time.  Most submissive men also like to be a part of the sexual situation at a time and even be submissive to the bull himself.  This can involve fluffing, punishment, Chasity belts and pleasing the other man.  Occasionally a submissive cuckold man will  also have a penis fetish as will, which can cause much confusion to him about his sexual preference.  In most cases the fantasy rarely equates into real life and along the way the women have said that they don't understand how their husband can be in love with them and want them to have sex with another man.  In the video we go into more detail on this, and how a man can approach his wife so as not to destroy the marriage.

If you are a man struggling with this it is import to seek help.
This article was written by certified clinical sexologist Dr. Dawn Michael
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Monday, November 14, 2016

Is It a Penis or a Clitoris or Both?

We often only equate erectile tissue with just the penis but it also exists in the clitoris.   Erectile tissues are numerous vascular spaces that become engorged with blood.  For females, erectile tissue can be found in the clitoris, as well as in the bulbs of the vestibule.  These two tissues have the same function as the tissues in a male penis. They fill with blood to cause a clitoral erection. They also cause the vagina opening (the vulva) to swell.

The penis and the clitoris come from the same tissue

A genital tubercle or phallic tubercle is a body of tissue that develops into a penis or a clitoris at around 4 weeks and can be distinguished as a penis or a clitoris by about 9 weeks gestation.  The clitoris forms from the same tissues that become the glans and upper shaft of the penis, and this shared embryonic origin.  If exposed to testosterone, the genital tubercle elongates to form the penis.  Without the testosterone it remains a clitoris.  In the absence of testosterone, the genital tubercle allows for formation of the clitoris; the initially rapid growth of the phallus gradually slows and the clitoris is formed.  The clitoris is a complex structure, and its size and sensitivity can vary. The glans (head) of the human clitoris is roughly the size and shape of a pea but can vary, and is estimated to have more than 8,000 sensory nerve endings.

This information is so important because over stimulating the head of the clitoris can become painful, irritating and is one reason why some women are not able to achieve orgasm.  We can relate this to a mans penis where only the head of the penis gets stimulated, and not the shaft.  Same goes for a woman's clitoris, the shaft of her clitoris is located under the skin that goes inside the vagina and is part of what is known as the G-spot.  Just focusing on the head of the clitoris leaves out the shaft and legs of the clitoris when erect and filled with blood can be extremely arousing to stimulate.  Using a tongue, fingers, penis, sex toy, to stimulate the shaft of the clitoris located inside the vagina can be equally arousing when the clitoris is erect, this area is about an inch inside known as the G-spot.  This can be done with a slight pressing up in the area under the clitoris inside the vagina to indirectly massage the clitoral shaft.  As a woman gets aroused the inner legs of the clitoris located inside the vagina will also fill with blood and become erect and be pleasurable with deeper penetration.