Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to tell my wife that I want to be in a Cuckold marriage

As a clinical sexologist and intimacy counselor, men ask for my advice on what to do about their fetishes.  About 80% of the men are married.  for most of the men they have had the fantasy of their fetish before marrying their wife thinking that it will go away but it does not.  One type of fetish that has intrigued me over the years is a man that wants his wife to cuckold him.  He has recurring thoughts and fantasies of his wife having sex with other men and getting pleasure from them.   The husband is usually the one who wants to get his wife involved but he does not know how to go about telling her.  Once in a while I will counsel a couple who wants to explore the cuckolding together, but it is typically the man initiating this fetish.  The idea of  Cuckolding is that it involves another man that the husband wants his wife to have sex with in front of him or hear about it after.  The husband derives much satisfaction from watching his wife get pleasure from another man that typically will have a larger than average size penis.  Another aspect about cuckolding, is the husband needing to be shamed by his wife, and one way is for her to compere his penis size with the other man and let her husband know that his penis is just to small to please her.

Other forms of shaming can go along with the cuckolding as well depending on the scope of the cuckolding session.  Some men like to be tied to a chair and forced to watch, and not allowed to touch themselves while the scenario is being played out in front of them.  Sometimes a wife will place a cock cage or chastity belt on the husband so that he is not able to masturbate.  A wife may also spank her husband as a form of deeper humiliation and domination...

The man who has this fetish, dreams about his wife sharing it with him, but for the most part most men who approach their wives with this idea do not get a positive response.  It either results into a fight, hard feeling or a trial period leading to disaster.  Some women may be more open to it than others, but the majority will not.  Husbands have asked me as a professional about how to approach their wives with their fantasy of cuckolding, and the answer is always to have a session before hand with me to understand how to approach his wife and her possible respond.  I will advise my male clients who are into the cuckolding fantasy is that they need to tell their wives slowly and see what her reaction is.  Some women are more open to the idea of cuckolding than others but unless it is approached in the right manner often time it does not go well.  The history of men telling me their stories before seeing me they did not approach their wives correctly and it closed the door for them altogether. 

The fact is that once a man is interested in this form of a fetish it is hard to stop him from thinking about it and wanting to act on it!

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