Thursday, August 11, 2011

Women who want more sex in their relationship then their husband

We often hear about how women don’t want to have sex after a time in a marriage or long term relationship, but what happens when the tables are turned and it is the man not wanting sex? 

There is a growing number of women that are going through this very taboo subject with their husbands and feel embarrassed to talk about it.  The man is refusing the sex….. even turning her away.

When this happens a woman takes it personal and begins to feel like less of a woman, not attractive or feminine any more.
Women are getting more in tune with their own sexuality and the fact that they have a need to be pleased sexually is part of it.  For centuries women who really enjoyed sex were though to be promiscuous, whores, and nymphs.  These labels and nasty connotations were placed upon these women making them shut down their natural sexual desire.  A women’s true sexual nature was never really discussed on a more sensitive perspective as to how a woman’s hormones and mind play into her own sexuality. 

Women are able to get aroused and stay around much longer than a man.  A women’s body by nature of protecting itself from rape or sudden sexual encounter will naturally lubricate the vagina and stay in a state of arousal to protect itself. 

When a women can tap into her joy of sex and he own body then that natural state of arousal can play out in her daily life.  Even today, many women still play down their need for sex and sexual intimacy, because of the fear of stereo typing.  The static of married women whose husbands are the ones not wanting to have sex are higher and more prevalent now than ever before.  Women who do live in sexless marriages need to be more open and talk about it, and be willing to get the help that is available to fix the situation. 

 “As an intimacy counselor helping women in this situation, I believe that the more women willing to open up about this taboo topic, the more resources and help will become available.”
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