Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When he does not want to have sex in the marriage

We often hear about the women not wanting to have sex in the marriage, but what happens when it is the man and he does not want to have sex with his wife. 

This is something that seems to be happening more and more in marriages today.  Woman and men are working equally ,raising the children together, and dividing the tasks in the household. 

When it comes to the sex in the marriage many men are experiencing erectile dysfunction, stress, and performance anxiety and not wanting to have sex with their wives but sometimes turning to other forms of sexual outlets.  The women on the other hand that are in the work place surrounded by men and not experiencing the sexual anxiety that men have but instead the sexual freedom that comes with financial independence, they are wanting to have more sex. 

The other thing that happens to  women that work with men is they are more apt to act like men in the work place to compete with men changing their attitudes to be more testosterone driven rather than feminine and this transfers over into the bedroom.

Out are the days of the masculine male and feminine female, it seems to be a shift to gender sameness, which affects men more in the bedroom than woman.  The one big problem is that for a woman who is going through this where she wants to be intimate with her husband and he doesn’t, it is socially embarrassing for a woman and much shame still surrounds it.  She will look upon herself as not being sexy or that something is wrong with her.
Men and women now a days are facing this out in the dating world as well, men are no longer the sole gender pursuing the woman for sex, but many women are looking for a man to have as a sex partner. Especially many women in their 40’s who are financially secure and are finding themselves with a high sex drive and not wanting to date older men but instead go for a younger man regardless of financial security.
The future of sex and a place where the lines of gender are becoming confused has just begun, more  women will be experiencing this in their marriage and relationships and more men will be experiencing, perform anxiety, and feeling as though the pursuing excitement and joy of a man being a man no longer exists.  The one big problem to this whole equation is that most women when having sex don’t want to be the one in control and very much like a man to still pursuer the sex in the marriage.

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Anonymous said...

I am 40 and my husband is 42 we hv been married for 13yrs our sex life has been awesome until a few yrs ago and it has slowly gone dwn hill where at this time it has been over a month i hv talked to him over nd over and he says nothings wrong tht he really just dnt think about it which shocked me we have my sister and her 3 kids living w us and tht is a total of 8 but she has lived here before nd it didnt matter i am so sad i just want my husband to want to have sex with me he says he is in love with me and wants to be together but im just devasted PLZ HELP