Monday, July 4, 2011

Fireworks in your relationship

The fourth of July may be a fantastic way to view fireworks, but what about putting the fireworks back into a more than lack luster love life? 

Too many people in relationships, marriage have lost the fireworks in their sex life, and a few years down the line they wonder how it happened.  Life moves forward, things get busy, and the sex in the marriage takes a back seat!

Don't let another day pass you by without putting the fireworks back in your sex life:

Be proactive and make sex a priority!  .........If you don't take charge over the sex in your marriage and make it a part of your everyday life then the sex will slowly fade away over time.......

Yes!!!  Sex does take two people to engage in it and want it, but one person can change that pattern and priority of the sex in the relationship.  Make it a point to talk openly about what your expectations are for sex, intimacy, affection in the relationship.  Too many people get turned down for sex in a relationship and then instead of talking about it get angry, restful and shut down, this will only make matters worse.  Talking to each other about expectations and how to improve the overall sex, is a big part of any relationship.  Putting the fireworks back in a relationship only requires a spark!  If two people still have a sexual spark for one another then the passion can be rekindled.

Find ways to make the sex in your relationship exciting, fun, different, passionate, erotic and fulfilling..........

Ask Dawn Your sex counselor how to make sex more exciting!

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