Monday, July 11, 2011

Finding solutions to your sexual problems in your relationship

One of the most difficult issues to talk about is sex in a relationship; most couples are not open with one another and get embarrassed to even broach the topic. 
Sexual needs get replaced with duty or sex that is less than fulfilling.  Many couples get into a routine where the intimacy in the marriage or relationship takes second to everything else that is going on.  As a sex and marriage counselor I often tell my clients that sex is not the act itself but how a couple can have deeper intimacy in the relationship. 
Looking at sex as an act that two people just have instead of a loving experience that the couple can enjoy tougher is part of the problem that many couples have. 
The way that many people view sex in a relationship is that..... it is part of the relationship but not a top priority.... and can be put aside for other issues or problems that may happen.  This is one of the biggest mistakes that can occur, because sex it the one area that the couple can connect with one another in a way that is personal and intimate.  The bonding that takes place through sexual intimacy is not only pleasurable but the body releases hormones that promote closeness.  The release of oxytocin and other hormones during orgasm is the same hormone released in the body when a mother gives birth and breast feeds, to promote attachment.
Taking the time to make sex in your relationship a priory and learning new ways to excite and please one another is a way to keep the intimacy and love growing over time.
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