Monday, July 11, 2011

When a man has lost his erection and does not know what to do?

As a Sex Therapist one of the most common asked questions is what to do when a man has suddenly lost an erection or that their penis is not functioning as it was before.

Having lost control of an erection is more common than most people think and can happen to any man in his life.  Many times it will come down to performance anxiety and stress in life which is an ever growing problem.  The way that a man deals with it is going to determine of it will become a continuing problem or something that can be resolved easily.

The first question that I ask my male clients is if they have had a Physical and clean bill of health. 

When a man wakes up in the moring he should have an erection, not because he is sexual but because it means that the blood flow is working and his testosterone levels are high enough to maintain an erection. 

If a man should have circulation problems with his heart he many not wake up with an erection and should go to the doctor.  The other problem that can occure is problem's with the prostate, having an enlarged prostate can put presser on the flow of blood and cause problems with maintaining an erection and the amount of seminal fluid that is released.

If my client has no medical condition then then we move onto trying a few products that improve blood flow to the penis at a rapid rate, I recommend a few products that I would like the men to try first.

Prosolution is a great gel that a man can put on for blood flow to go to the penis and help with a stronger erection and it helps with rapid ejaculation.

If the gel does not work then I recommend sex therapy and coaching to get the mind where it needs to be and learn to build and maintain an erection.  If the problem is rapid ejaculation then I would recommend a series of exercises that can help with it along with the gel. 
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