Monday, August 29, 2011

Pheromones and sexual smell, what attracts a woman to a man

Women have a sense of smell that is biologically set to smell the perfect match for her.   

There are many studies that have been done stating that a woman can smell a good biological match in a man for the purpose of mating and she may not even realize it herself . This is where the saying goes "love at first sight, but it really is smell at first sight".

She may not realize this but her natural animal instinct will detect what man she wants to have sex with. The main gene that presents itself in the sexual smell is MHC and it is responsible for genetically matiching up individuals so that off springs are from different gene pools, eliminating  inter breeding.  A mans natural sweat contains MHC gene types.

In the sweaty t-shit test this particular gene was tested in men and women and the results were that women selected the t-shirt from men that had the least similar gene pool to them. Men who had similar genes the smell was not as attractive.

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eula_w said...

Great article you have posted in here. Try or use pheromones attract women. My cousin using it and he said it's effective. :)