Sunday, August 15, 2010

What to do when a husband is no longer interested in having sex with his wife

Many times we hear about how a man wants to be intimate with his wife but the wife refuses him. What happens when a husband refuses to have sex with his wife? This is very difficult for a woman because of the social implications and the loss of intimacy in the marriage. The dynamic of male female relationship at its basics is the man wanting the woman and the woman having the feminine power so to speak and leverage to use that with her husband and this is in no way a bad thing when done in a loving way.

Many women in a marriage with a husband who may be preoccupied or not showing affection towards his wife, usually a wife can get him back on track with her feminine ways of seducing him in the bed room and him falling back into her arms and opening up to her again. This is always a sure fire way for her to get the affection and intimacy back. What happens when this is not a part of the marriage and the man no longer wants to be intimate with his wife at all?

In a marriage this is unacceptable behavior on either spouses part intimacy and sex are part of a marriage and if both partners don’t want it then so be it, but when one does and the other does not this is unfair and grounds for a divorce. When a husband refuses to have sex with his wife the wife must stand her ground and demand that they go to a marriage counselor or an intimacy counselor. Her husband may be suffering from depression, having an affaire, no longer in love with her, no longer attracted to her, but that is not the point. If a husband will not deal with the situation then the wife must seek counseling to try and figure out what she needs to do in the marriage. Many times when a woman changes her behaviors in a marriage the dynamic of the marriage change and she may be able to get her husband back on track or she can choose to end the marriage. Woman have to know that they are not alone in this issue and to not be ashamed of seeking help, it is their right to be loved and cherish by their spouse or the marriage vows have been broken.

For men if you are not longer wanting to have sex with your wife for some reason or another, you must tell her why, it is unfair to just go on in the marriage as if nothing is wrong. Even if it means hurting her feeling you have to at least take a stance and act like a man by being up front honest with he
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