Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sexual Health In Marriage

When we talk about marriage and sex many people become silent about their sexual lives with their partner.  Sex and intimacy is a huge part of marriage and it is the one part of marriage that is much different than any other type of relationship.  When sex is bad in a marriage then the marriage will have problems.  The Happy Spouse Adult store was created with the notion that married couple need to have better sex and more fun and excitement in their sex lives.  For women Dr. Berman has created a line of sex toys that are made specifically with a women’s body in mind, from the curve of her vagina to the sensitive clitoral and g-spot erogenous zone.  A woman can achieve more powerful orgasm when she uses the clam which helps to strengthen the woman’s PC muscle in her vagina, this will create a more powerful orgasm when the muscle is tighter

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