Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hot Topic of the day chatting and cheating on facebook

Hot topic marriage question by Christina M:

I have been chatting on facebook to an old boyfriend and we have just be talking about old times, but now it is becoming a little more serious, and our conversation have turned a little flirty. My husband read my post the other day and was really upset and told me to not talk to that person any more, what should I do? I think that my husband is over reacting….

Hi Christina M, this has become quite common and one of the reasons that I have selected your question to answer. The first thing that I have to say, and this goes for any communication between the opposite sex and that is if you have to hide the conversation from your spouse then it is not appropriate to be having it. The other problem is that you stated it was an old boyfriend so that means that you at one time had an intimate relationship with this person and there still may be some feeling that you both have for one another. This indeed could turn into more than just a flirty conversation. I can understand that your husband would feel threaten by this and would want the conversation to stop. I am sure that if you found out her was doing this with an old girlfriend you would be upset as well. Understand that he loves you and feels hurt by this. This would be a great way for you to have a conversation with your husband and let him know that maybe this person made you feel good about yourself and that is something that possibly you and your husband need to work on in the marriage. Turn this situation into andopportunity to grow in the marriage and by all means, loose this guy on facebook it is not worth ruining your marriage over.

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