Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Talking Dirty to Your Spouse is A Turn On

As a sex therapist I encourage couples to talk dirty to one another.

These are the reasons why!!

It quickly breaks down the barriers of being shy and having a lack of communication surrounding sex with one another.

Talking dirty can be a really huge turn on for some couples getting their minds and bodies involved in the sexual act.

For other couples it can become comedic and they laugh about it for days, again breaking down the shyness or uncomfortable feelings surrounding sex.

One of my favorite home assignments for couples is to use sex words with each other in the bedroom. It does not matter if the couple thinks it is crazy, disgusting or down right hot the point is to get the couple talking openly about sex. The reality is that you are doing it with the person that you love, in most cases have been with for quite a while; married and even have had children together.

Sex is suppose top be fun, not boring, not routine, not a chore, and certainly not clean!! So the next time you are having sex with your spouse turn to that person and say “I really love fucking you, you’re hot”

Tell me what you think or what turns you on in the bedroom, don’t be shy start a discussion!!!

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