Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Intimacy Product of The Month

Extase Calin Massage Candle
The Calin massage oil candle helps you relax and release stress and toxins from the body. When lit, this massage candle turns into luxurious massage oil, which is warm enough for a massage but not too hot that it will burn.
Developed from the “Zen” concept of the Oriental Culture, the rounded sphere-shaped container is designed like a Chinese teapot and resembles a heated spa stone. The rounded body-safe ceramic cover doubles as a massage tool. This natural soy bean candle is infused with essential oils to enhance relaxation.
Available scents:
  • Sandalwood | Rich, musky, masculine scent with Sandalwood that also includes a slight floral note.
  • Secret Wish | Light, crisp, fresh scent.
  • Spring Rose | Soft, luxurious floral scent.
  • Violet Rose  | Floral scent with hint of violet.

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