Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Prostate Cancer Does not Have to be The End of a Satisfying Sex Life

Great Sex After Prostate Cancer: Yes, You Can

Difficulties regarding intimacy and sex are inevitable at some point in any relationship. As an intimacy counselor and board-certified clinical sexologist, I know from experience that many of these troubles will work themselves out over time, especially with professional help. But what happens when the problem is much more serious?

Imagine the following scenario: Your urologist informs you that you have prostate cancer, telling you and your wife that the treatment is likely to have a negative impact on your sex life by both lowering your libido and inhibiting your ability to get an erection.

Devastating news — yet once the initial shock of the diagnosis has worn off, you can take heart in the fact that curative therapy (recent medical advances, as well as improved therapeutic interventions and better intimacy counseling) is highly successful when prostate cancer is detected early, offering renewed hope to couples in both the initial recovery period and after.  continue


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