Friday, May 15, 2015

I want my Wife to spank my butt, how do I tell her?

"It was a long day at the office, being in charge of managing a large bank firm and all I wanted was for my wife to take me into the bedroom, pull down my pants, lay me across her knee's and spank my butt."  

If this sounds like it may pertain to you then, you are not alone.  As a clinical sexologist this topic is brought up in my office more times than one would imagine.  For many men it is a fantasy that they think about often but cannot muster up the courage to ask their wives, for other men they have asked their wives and have been turned down, and then there are other men that visit other women to be spanked.

If you are a women reading this article you may be wondering why a man would want to be spanked by his wife?

As a man ages along with other stresses in his life, the idea of having to initiate sex all the time or come up with ideas to make sex more exciting can become burdensome to some men.  The idea of a woman spanking his butt allows him to let go, lose control and be taken over by her.  It can also be a form of stress release, while at the same time be erotic and taboo.  For all of these reasons and a few more some men enjoy a good spanking on the butt from their wives.

From time to time there are men that have confessed to me in counseling, that as a kid they were spanked by mom and it was the only way of attention they got, and it became familiar to them, and persisted past the age of 10.  This is when spanking may become more of a fetish and less of an erotic outlet. 

One man explained in our counseling session.........
"When I was younger the only real attention I got from my mom is when I was bad and then she would take down my pants and spank me.  As I grew older I would find ways to upset her just so I could get a spanking.  This happened as I was going through puberty and became not only attention from mom but sexually exciting."  Now as an adult I still feel loved when I get spanked and for a while I though I could change this but I cannot" 

As I explained to my client who talked about this issues it became clear that it had become a part of his sexual mapping and that indeed he not only felt love from the spanking but turned on, as that is how many fetishes start.  This is not to say that this is why most men who like spanking feel, but men who are not able to get turned on unless spanked this could explain why.

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