Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Bedroom Talk: Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be difficult because it usually deals with hurt feelings or feelings of being disrespected.  When a person can forgive themselves or others it can help heal a person and open them up to more positive experiences.  Forgiveness is not always easy, especially if there are years of built up resentment.  Taking small steps to forgive is a start and that is also a start to healing a relationship that has become one built on resentment rather than love.  Forgiving oneself is at the forefront of forgiving others and getting to the true nature of hurt or even feeling of guilt.  When we forgive it is allowing judgment of oneself and others to slowly go away and open the heart and mind to new ways of living a positive life.  Forgiveness can promote intimate feelings eventually leading to better sexual intimacy in the bedroom.

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