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Would You Leave Your Spouse If They Gained 100 Pounds

What would you do if your spouse gained 100 pounds? This is a hard topic to touch upon, but is very important in marriages today's where obesity is on the rise. people need to understand when the weight gain is that extreme the person needs to get professional help.

Would you leave your spouse if they gained 100 pounds?

Being overweight has become a national epidemic, and spouses that have gained 100 pounds or more are steadily on the rise. When a spouse puts on weight it will dramatically affect a marriage. Not 10 or 20 pounds, but a spouse that has gained a 100 pounds, wound you leave the marriage?

The answer to this question is, if a person gains 100 pounds they are considered morbidly obese. This in itself is a huge problem in a marriage because of possible health complications, let alone social stigma. The fact remains that when a person has gained an extreme amount of weight, they look different, act different, smell different,behave different and even release different hormones and phermones. This is a huge problem in a marriage no matter how much you love that person, it will present a problem especially when it comes to sex. When a person gains that much weight they have a serious problem and it needs to be addressed.

Slight weight gain in a marriage over time is normal, most couples will put on between ten and twenty pounds as they grow older, but 100 pounds is excessive. When weight becomes a problem for the other spouse it is time to take action. Excessive weight gain can damage a relationship and destroy a family. When a spouse is overweight it puts the entire family at risk for diabetes, heart attack, high cholesterol, cancer and other weight related issues. It is a moral obligation to look nice for your spouse, it is not acceptable to get married and let yourself go, and this is unfair and unjust in a marriage. When two people marry they marry in sickness and in health and unless the weight gain is brought on by sickness then there is no excuse. A marriage is not a place to throw in the towel and not care about how one looks. Health is important especially when kids are involved a morbidly obese parent sets an example to a child and that child is in danger of being obese as well.

This what other people has to say on the subject:

samboiam If you truly love someone I don't think it should matter. After twenty years of marriage and two children my wife is not the size she was when we first married. Then again, neither am I. Yet to me she is just as sexy as she was the day I married her.

Ivorwen I would not leave my husband over weight gain. Can't say I'd find him physically attractive if he gained 100 pounds, but I didn't marry him for his looks in the first place.

katiem2 No spouse of mine would ever gain 100 lbs, that's a lot of weight that just doesn't happen overnight. I'd be checked in on the health issue at the onset and work on successful methods to help my spouse maintain a healthy weight.

Anolinde Well, my husband said he'd divorce me if I ever weigh more than 60 kgs (I'm almost there, LOL!) His rationale is that it's not really the weight... it just shows that you have no self-control and he doesn't like that in a person (or something ..)
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