Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hot Topic On Hubpages About A Husband Who Is No Getting Sex From His Wife

When I wrote the new article titled "What A Man Should Do When His Wife Refuses To Have Sex With Him"  I got quite a few comments right away.  This seems to be a very hot topic and one that is ever increasing in marriages.  So all of you women out there before you get your panties in a twist I did have some valid explanations why a wife would not want to have sex with her husband.  I gave five very valid reasons and then some of the comments filled me in on maybe a few that I could have left out like.

What if your wife is gay?
What if your wife is having an affair with someone else
What if your not the best lover?  
The obvious take her to the bedroom, throw her on the bed and make mad passionate love to her, just had to throw that
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