Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why is sex so important in a marriage?

Men and women view sex in different ways and when a man is not getting enough sex in a marriage he is likely to tell someone or to put the pressure on in the marriage, but what happens if it is the woman who is not getting enough sex. This becomes a whole new topic because woman many times will think that he problem is they, whereas a man for the most part views sex as part of the marriage no matter what.

So what happens when the woman is not getting enough sex from her husband or none at all? The answer is that she needs to do something about it! A sexless marriage is a sexless marriage and it is not alright either way. Husband and wife are friends but they are also lovers and that is a big part of the marriage or why get married at all, just remain friends. For women it not just the act of sex itself but that her husband does not desire her anymore and that is something that every women needs in her life to be desired and wanted. So for all of you women out there who are not getting your needs met it is time to take action. Seek out a counsel and talk about what is going on in the marriage and try and get your husband to a marriage counselor as well, if not go on your own.

Here is an article on Reasons why a husband would not want to have sex with his wife

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