Monday, August 23, 2010

Can having an open marriage save couples from cheating?

What are the hard facts about an open marriage?

Some married couples have opted for an open marriage instead of getting a divorce. The fact about an open marriage is that for many people it goes against what true marriage is all about.

The vows that a married couple takes to be faithful to one another, honest and untill death do we part. What happens if a spouse is so miserable in the marriage and their partner does nothing about it but they do not want to break up the marriage or go behind their spouses back and cheat so they opt for an open marriage?

This is one of the latest trends happening in Hollywood today. Featured in an article in the Examiner.

 Open marriage in Los Angeles is it the latest trend in marriages

Los Angeles has always been a culture on its own, with Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Westwood. Many people that are single prefer to live in this exciting and unique town, but what happens if you are married and even are trying to raise a family in Los Angeles
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