Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Make your marriage into a honeymoon tonight

love kits

Have some fun with your sweetie and buy her the honeymoon lovers kit, and the two of you will have your honeymoon all over again. Who says that married couples can’t have fun with each other. When you get married that is time to let loose with your spouse and experience all the wonderful fantasies that you always wanted to share with someone.

The honeymoon lovers kit has strawberry flavored massage oil to rub on your spouses back or other body parts. A multi speed battery operated body massager for longer deeper massages or soft tickling massages. A sweet almond body massage oil, wooden power massager and a power passion candle to make the room glow with a soft scent.

Take a bath before hand with raspberry sunshine love suds included and then take the flirting feather and tease your spouse to tickles.

This is one night that that the two of you will remember for years to come. This also make a wonderful anniversary gift for either spouse.

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