Friday, September 3, 2010

Why a marriage counselor would have a specialty in sexology

The training that a MFT gets in school is usually about two courses in the subject of sexology. The reason that a marriage counselor would go back and get extra training in sexology is so that they can better help their clients that have issues in their marriage pertaining to sexual problems.

Sex is a very big part of marriage and if the couple is not having sex or the sex is unsatisfactory then the marriage can be at risk for cheating or divorce. A marriage counselor that is a sexologist can help a couple to get their passion back in the marriage and to also help with many other sexual dysfunctions and problems such as: Low sex drive, not able to have an orgasm, ejaculating to fast or to slow or not at all, prostate cancer, hormones, women that have had babies, sexless marriage, fetishism, sexual skills, communication issues, menopause, sexual abuse and any other problem related to sex in a marriage.

Many married couples will go through a period in their marriage where they may experience problems in their sex life and without help or left untreated it can cause anger, resentment and lack of closeness between the couple. Marriage is suppose to be a safe and loving place for couples to explore their sexual desires together not a place where sex does not exist is painful or a chore. If any of these problems pertain to you make an appointment with a marriage counselor to help save your marriage.

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