Sunday, August 1, 2010

Using Words On Your Wife That Will Bring Her Exquisite Pleasure While Taking Her

What A Woman Wants

Women need to be romanced, loved, made to feel secure and then taken.

This is the secret to the entire trashy romance novel industry that your wife may be reading or if she is not, you may want to buy them for her. There are many truths about sexual pleasure and for a woman most will want to feel secure and safe with their partner in an intimate setting and then be taken by their man.

This is one of those fine lines that a man will either know or has missed the boat on completely. For all of you husbands out there who have taken your wife and all of you wives that have experienced this than you can understand what I am talking about. For all of the rest of you, this may shed a little light on using words to bring your wife exquisite pleasure.

Woman Who Feels Safe With Their Partner

There is something truly primal about a man and a women coming together intimately.

A woman who feels safe with her partner can allow herself to lose complete control and experience the animal primal instinct inside of her. That is why in many women’s trashy novels it will talk about rape or bondage or being taken but what most readers who don't look at the entire book will miss the build up to the events and somehow the woman always feels like she is safe but the excitement of the unknown. (let me be perfectly clear being raped is not what I am talking about there is nothing sexy about that! )

This is where the art of preparation must take place between two lovers. The man must set the scene for his woman before the act takes place, using his words and making her feel safe about the experience.

Exquisite Words

We are talking about words that a woman gets turned on by not what a man would convey to another man but a woman. These are a few examples to prepare her for and evening of exquisite pleasure before the act of taking her. Tell that that you want to do these things to her, face to face, text, email……

I want you to lie on the bed and be still as I touch your body

I want you to lay down on the bed for me and to spread your legs apart and let me be inside of you

When I am inside of you I want you to take all of me, and then beg me for more.

I am going to throw you gently on the bed and remove your clothing while you lay there for me and say nothing and be still.

These are a few sentences that explain how the man will take the woman, notice how there is no sexually explicit words used, no vulgarity, but forceful by nature, very manly and firm but talking to her as a woman is very different than how a man would talk to a man.

When you are in the act of making love then the langue can become more graphic and detailed about what you want to do to please her. Take time with your spouse or lover and tease her. Women loved to be teased mentally and physically and then they want to be taken by their man.

Woman if this was educational, print it out and put it on your husband or lovers pillow. Men if this was in any way helpful to you try it out on your wife this evening or prepare her for a weekend of pleasure……

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