Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Couples Who Play Together Stay Together

The concept of couples who play together stay together is one of the main ingredients in a successful relationship. 

Couples over time forget the concept of play in a marriage or long term relationships. 

 Play is a wonderful concept, because it can mean so many different things to a couple.  Play may come about in an activity that the couple enjoys together or laughter together.

The most important part of play in a relationship though, is sex play in the relationship.  Sex play is wonderful because the couple can bring the fun back into the bedroom and add an element of excitement to the relationship.

Sex play between couples can be:

1. Wrestling with one another:  Play wresting with one another can bring out the fun and relieve the built up sexual tension.

2.   Role playing with one another can be a lot of fun, making a scene and role playing it in bed.

3.  Sexy fun outside of the bedroom, playfull sexy fun, kissing, rubbing against each other, making out.

 4. Telling each other erotic stories.

 5.  Watching erotic videos with each other.

Sex play and fun play with other types of play is important in a relationships, it is what keeps the couple not only young but the relationship exciting and fresh. 

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