Monday, September 27, 2010

Sexy spouses in dress up costumes

Halloween can be so much fun when you are married; it’s a time to get really wild with your costume.

You can be a sexy nurse, hot house wife, or naughty bunny. The point remains that dress up does not only have to take place on Halloween, it can take place in your home with your spouse every night or on those special occasions. What about a tasty husband that puts on those leopard undies with the cute butt and the naked chest.

Along with dressing up the couple can add a little spice to the mood by role playing. The nurse could be taking care of a very helpless police officer and helping him to regain his strength or the hot house wife can be playing naughty games with the hot painter. Whatever creative game the couple wants to play, they don’t have to wait for Halloween to add the flavor to the bedroom.

For married couples who want to take it one step further, they can introduce some very tasty lubricants to the already delicious main course.

These lubricants not only tingle but taste like a banana split, vanilla cream, strawberry shake. They make oral pleasure into a real treat, for any picky pickle coinsure. So buy that sexy costume for Halloween but make sure to put them on throughout the year. Who says that sex in marriage has to be boring, make it a sexy sweet night with your spouse all the time, with his and hers dress-up costumes.

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