Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Women who want to have sex with their husbands in their marriage

Why get married to the man that you love and then let the sex die out in the marriage? I am here to ask men and women why so many of them have forgotten how much fun and passion could be between a husband and a wife. Our bodies are meant to feel pleasure, and that includes sexual pleasure! For woman our bodies are designed to be touched with our sexual organs being stimulated to bring us the most exquisite pleasure, why would we want to deny ourselves that and why would we want to deny our husbands from giving that to us? We have to look at our femininity as a gift our strength; in fact many women have the control in the marriage simply by the ebb and flow of sex with their husbands. Men have sexual urges that are different form a woman, when a wife can please her husband he will be her night in shining armor.

For woman who has lost their passion, it can come back and a husband can help. Sex in marriage is not supposed to be a chore, it is meant to be sacred with your spouse and add that deep sense of connection that only the two of you share. So for the woman out there that need a little help in that area or for men who could use some advice leave your comments...

For men especiallycommunicating your feelings with your wife is important and how you say it to them!
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