Sunday, September 19, 2010

When a woman fakes her orgasm she teaches her man what not to do

Woman may think that by faking an orgasm it will hurry up the sex up, not hurt her lovers feeling, she is not able to achieve an orgasm, or whatever the reason may be. The end result is not good for both the man and the woman. Faking an orgasm, cheats her own self out of the experience and gives her lover, spouse, boyfriend the wrong idea on how to give a woman an orgasm. Once a man can unlock that secret gift of pleasing his woman he will want to do it time and time again.

A woman must be honest with her partner and tell him that she either doesn’t want to have and orgasm because she is tired, or she doesn’t need to at this love making session, but be truthful. It is worse to lie about it and then have a man think that he knows just how to please her especially if she is married. Some women will say, he is suppose to know if I am having an orgasm or not, but that is not always the case, a woman’s orgasm can be subtle or multiple depending on the woman.

The best answer is to show your partner how to give you an orgasm or if you are not able to have one let him help you. If you have never experienced an orgasm by yourself than that is the first step. If you want your partner to help, then oral sex is one way or for him to use a vibrator on your clitoris with your help. There are wonderful products to help with clitoral stimulation such as gels and the right vibrator.
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