Sunday, October 24, 2010

Perimenopause and sexual desire for your husband

When a woman is in her 40’s she may experience perimenopause and it can benefit a woman’s sex drive and it could also decrease a woman’s sex drive. The symptom of menopause has been talked about for many years and if you ask most people they can tell you the general symptoms of menopause, but perimenopause is a different story. While menopause in itself can affect a woman tremendously or she may breeze through it, perimenopause in some ways may be even more difficult at times, because of the inconsistency of the hormone levels, with waves of busting hormones, to decreased hormones. Some woman may find that right before menstruation their emotions are erratic, whereas before they felt that they finally had it under control. The one great benefit of perimenopause in some women is that it can peak sexual desire and make for some wonderful love making session with their husband. This gives a new meaning to Cougars.

To read more about the symptoms of perimenopause and sexual desire read this article. 
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