Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Writing about sex toys really turned me on

I don't usually post personal blogs but today as I was preparing for my blogtalkradio show The Happy Spouse Adult Show the subject is on sex toys. As I prepared for the show, and started to write about each sex  toy and how it can be used the heat between my legs began to rise and I was very flush.

I found the whole experience to be extremely erotic andt I though that it may be the perfect suggestion to make for women who may need to get some desire back in their mind and body and that is to look at sex toys. As I described one of the sex toys for women the we-vibe I noticed that it was really turning me on. Picturing the little u shaped toy that vibrates the clitoris as well as the g-spot and can be worn during intercourse was extremely sexy.

I finished preparing for the show and was very very wet and horny, and I though that maybe I needed to spend a little time with my we-vibe or call my husband on the phone and have him come home for a quickie.

Well I will not divulge the rest of what happened but maybe after listening to the show you can figure it out for
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