Friday, May 6, 2011

Cuckold fantasy from a wife that enjoys having sex with other men

What is cuckolding?  

The present day version on the cuckold experience is a husband and a wife that want to have a third person come into the marriage to please the woman.  The woman is the person who feels that her husband is not pleasing her enough sexually so, she must gain that pleasure from another man with a larger penis. 

The other man is there to please his wife because he is not able to do the job with his small penis, or he has performance issues.  In many scenarios the husband will be forced to watch his wife get pleasure from a man while he is in the room, as an added bonus he can be in a chastity belt for her ultimate control over his orgasm.  In some instances, he may be spanked, humiliated and forced to "clean up" after the job is done.

Again this is a fetish that the man has and the wife that he is married too will participate in.  The facts are that cuckolding can be very stimulating for a husband and a wife, but for the most part is initiated by the husband. 
My job as a clinical sexologist is to educate people rather than place judgement on them.  

Advising husbands who do have this fetish is not so cut and dry, some wives eventually may find this exciting where others may find it when helping men with this fetish to bring it into the marriage or even try to communicate this cuckolding fetish with his wife, is a slow process.  The other fact is that these feelings or the desire for the cuckolding experience do not go away...with some men the more that they deny their feelings the stronger it may get.
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