Tuesday, September 13, 2011

“Size Matters” Book Review by Sex Therapist Dawn Michael

As a Sex Therapist and Clinical Sexologist it is my job to continue to read books on human sexuality and how to help individuals and couples lead a more fulfilling sex life. I am also a published writer and I enjoy reading books and reviewing them for fellow professionals in the field and people who want to improve their knowledge on sex...

Today’s book review is on “Size Matters” by Harry Fisch, M.D. and Kara Baskin

The book is about “The hard Facts about Male Sexuality That Every Woman Should Know” with a title like that and being a woman and sex therapist, I had to find out what every woman should know!!

The cover of the book and size of the book,  I found to be eye catching and amusing with the polka dot underwear giving the impression of easy reading, light and maybe not so informative.

Don’t let the cover fool you, once inside the book I found that most of the information was quite clinical and backed up by research and hard data (no pun intended) In each section they added some humor mixed in with the clinical, making the book fun to read. In one section titled “Hard Facts about the Penis” it gave the stats on the average penis size, diameter, largest penis ever recorded and farthest measured ejaculation. (something that most men really want to know)

The book went on to talk about some myths as far as being able to grow your penis longer and precautions surrounding hurting the urethra with penis rings, and pumps. The book also went into myths about hand size, foot size and over all body size in determining the length of a mans penis.

Another fun section that was highlighted throughout the book was “Ask a Guy”

With such questions being answered as “Can sexual incompatibility ruins an erection?” “What is the greatest number of times you’ve masturbated in one day?” And other interesting facts that most people want to know but are to shy to ask about!

The conclusion of the book review from my perspective as a clinical sexologist is that not only was it an informative book for women to read but also for men as well!.  I would have to give this book review of "Size Matters" A hard and big thumbs up!

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