Friday, May 11, 2012

Sex after divorce can be healthy

The divorce is final, you are now free to go out into the wide world of dating.  This can be a time of excitement, or a time of disappointment.  For both men and women, the average person that gets out of the marriage will usually jump into a post sexual encounter quickly.  This may be a period of time where a person can have some wild free and fun sex.  These post relationships are usually short lived, but the ones that are not create the biggest problem.  More men then women that get involved in the immediate sexual relationship after the divorce remarry quickly.  Second marriages especially right after a divorce have a success rate of about 35% survival.

Sex after divorce can be a wonderful experience, but don't let it be a bandied for the pain or loss of the marriage.  Taking the time to get over a divorce and having some fun while doing it is healthy, but jumping back into the fire when the first blaze is still burning will just create more pain. Use the thrill of the newness of being single as a time to heal, have fun, experience sex in a new light.  On a note of caution for the newly single sexual adult, make sure to use protection and be aware of sexually transmitted diseases.
Practice SAFE SEX at any age!

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