Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pleasure your partner with a Pulsater

What is a Pulsater? 

This is the newest adult sex toy on the market, it pulsates instead of vibrates.  The toy mimics the motion of intercourse hands free.  Fun Factory created a new line of sex toys hot off the market.  They are made from 100% medical grade silicone, water proof and battery free.  The sex toy makes it possible for women to have the thrusting motion of intercourse at a steady pace, allowing a slower build up to orgasm.  The toy has ten speeds so it can be adjusted to your bodies state of pleasure.  What I like about this adult sex toy is that many women don't experience vaginal orgasms, because their partners, either orgasm too quickly or the pace of the thrusting does not allow a woman the ability to slowly build up to her orgasm.

I have recommend this product to women who have not experienced a vagina orgasm, so that they can lean the sensation and then show it to their partner.  This toy can become a wonderful learning tool!  Click toy for more information
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