Friday, October 18, 2013

I am a Cash Cow or Cash Piggy and Want to Be Financially Dominated?

Financial domination is a fetish that most people are not aware of, but for those that have or practice it, this can be a very dangerous fetish.

It is said that financial domination stems from a fetish of financial slavery or to be dominated in a financial way.  Financial domination, though often misunderstood, is both a valid fetish and a very powerful form of power exchange. It is sometimes practiced in the BDSM community. The individuals who participates in the fetish usually gets excitement and aroused out of their fetish play; just as is the case in a number of other sexual fetishes.  In the situation of financial domination the excitement can occur when the slave gives money to his owner; feeling powerless under their control. In most cases the slave will get an intense rush of excitement from this, mixed with fear, humiliation and a sense of being owned. This excitement can last even past that point, lasting days after engaging in this fetish.

The men who practice this fetish may not fully understand the root of why they do it, but knowing that the feeling they get from it far outweighs the risks that they are willing to take.  This is why men that are brought to the brink of financial ruin will still want to continue to pursue this fetish.  The men are also humiliated by calling them cash cows or cash piggy.

The key to a successful exchange for a slave seeking a master in this type of situation, is if for the slave to be more selective of whom he is trusting to play in this fetish with.

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