Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What is a normal amount of time too masturbate in a week?

How often have you wondered about this question concerning masturbation?

"Masturbation", mother natures gift to man/woman kind, self pleasure that keeps giving time and time again.  All of the natural hormones released in the body, relaxation and less stress after having the mighty orgasm, why would anyone not want to masturbate all the time?

How often is normal, there is no normal in human sexuality, there is a prescribed point of view, but in quantitative terms how could one determine what normal is?  The answer, is if it feels good and it is not disrupting your life in any way then that would be your normal.

The real answer is that masturbation for some people can become a problem when it keeps them from being productive in their lives or takes away sexual pleasure from a spouse or a partner.  Masturbating instead of having sex in your relationship can present a problem so the most logical answer would be to minimize the times one masturbates in a week or a day.

Many people masturbate everyday and this can be for both a woman or a man.  I often recommend in my intimacy counseling sessions that couples masturbate in front of each other, showing each other what makes them feel good so that their partner can learn.

Overall there is no normal masturbation, and if you think that you are having a problem then talk to a profession, if you are not then just enjoy your body and from time to time learn something new about it!

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