Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Does the amount of semen decrease as a man ages?

As a Clinical Sexologist,  part of my time is spent helping people with sexual issues and the other part of my time is doing research to help those people.   One area of research that I study because of the amount of men that ask the same question is about the volume of semen that they produce.  While looking for a definitive answer to the question I found that there were several reasons why this may happen.  One is related to testosterone levels that drop and it can affect the volume of the semen....but this is only the case in rare instances.  What I did find out was other information that may help to answer the question.

Yes, it is true that for some men even in their twenties that the amount of semen they produce can seem less then average or when they were at a different stage in their life.  There are products on the market that help produce more semen like Volume Pills, but that does not answer the question as to why this happens for some men.

The Answers
1.  For some men that are over the age of 50, when natural aging occurs, the muscle that pushes the semen out of the penis is not as strong as it may have been when a man was in his 20's, 30's and 40's.  The solution to this can be as simple as doing penis exercises.  What I recommend to my clients is that they stand up and then produce an erection, once they have an erection, they place a towel over the penis and use the muscle to pull up and down to strengthen the muscle.  They should do this a few times a day and work up gradually to 30 reps in one day in two or three intervals.  After a few months of exercises many men see results with this simple exercise.  They experience stronger orgasm's and it gives the appearance of more semen being ejaculated at one time. 

2.  Another factor that may decrease semen is when a man leaks out semen during the day or as some men refer to as ozzzzing.  This can be from milking of the prostate or indirect stimulation causing a man to get aroused but not fully ejaculate.  As this can be a great pleasure of teasing to some men, it will also cause less seminal fluid to come out when an orgasm dose occur.

3.  The last reason that semen may seem less prevalent and more often than not, is when a man frequently masturbates several times a day depleting the body of seminal fluid and therefore having decreased volume each time.  Less frequent masturbation or using Volume Pills can help in these instances making it possible for a man to masturbate several times a day but still produce seminal flied more often than he normally would.................................
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