Monday, February 29, 2016

There is an epidemic of SEXLESS MARRIAGE

There has always been talk about women not wanting to have sex with their husband........What happens when it is the man not wanting to have sex with his wife?  Let's Explore the epidemic of sexless marriage in my new forum

The forum talks about my new book "Why Wont My Husband Have Sex With Me", bringing about topics that have been too taboo to speak about until now.  We delve into men who watch pornography instead of having sex with their wives and why it can happen to anyone.  As well as secret fetishes and why men cheat.  Are you tired of trying to get your husband to be intimate with you, longing to have that passion back in your life?  Or are you a husband struggling with how to tell your wife that you have performance issues, and each time you try to make love to her you lose your erection.  These issues are more common than one may think.

Live your life with passion love and the deep intimacy of a loving marriage!

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