Friday, December 2, 2016

Mismatched Sex Drive, What You Can Do?

A mismatched sex drive is a common occurrence in long term relationships and can happen at various times throughout the life of the relationship.  This is when one person wants sex more often than the other person creating a problem in the relationship that can be temporary or one that continues to throughout the entire relationship.  If it does begin to present a problem then something needs to be done about it, ignoring the issue will only make matters worse.  Sex is an important aspect of most relationships and when it dwindles or one person wants it more often than the other, it can affect every aspect of the relationship until some resolution or compromise is found.  The first step is to recognize that it is a problem and confront it.  The next step, is to find out why the other person may not want sex as often and if it is loss of desire, a health issue, stress, boredom, or some other factor then talk about it.  Try to come up with a compromise that will work for the two of you.  If you are unable to work it out, then seek the help of a professional to figure out a plan to get the sexual intimacy back on track in the relationship.

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