Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Straight Man with a Penis Fetish in Cuckold Relationship

This subject matter of a straight man having a fetish for a male penis is still very taboo and not well understood.  Most people will say that, "if a man desires another guys dick he must be gay?"  This is not the case with this particular fetish.  When counseling clients from around the world, I get a sex history from them.  The importance of the sex history is two fold, as I get to know my client better, I also have seen similarities in particular clients sexual histories pertaining to present sexual patterns, desires and in some cases fetishes.  Compiling sex histories over the years has given me some insight as to why and how sexual fetishes develop in a small percentage of the population.

The sex histories of the men that I counseled as well as interviewed for other studies, the individual's whom developed a fetish, it started around the age of puberty.  An encounter, object, or incident happened prior to or around the time of puberty.  In some men "it" can become arousing coupled with the onset of puberty, along with continued masturbation thinking about "it" that locks in the fetish. 

Just as a man may have a foot fetish, he can also have a penis fetish.  In the area of cuckolding a man can safely play out his penis fetish, because the object is his wife not his fetish for the other man's penis.  The penis fetish becomes acceptable in terms of, she is the one asking him to get the other guy hard by sucking on his dick or giving him a hand job. As confusing as this may sound and some people will jump to the idea that the guy is bisexual and in some cases this may be true but in other instances it is not.  A bisexual man would be attracted to the man not just his penis, in a man with a penis fetish he is not attracted to the man and only desires to suck or fondle the penis.

Some people may find this whole topic to be ridiculous, unsettling, but the reality is that men who are straight and do have a penis fetish, beat themselves up over it, feel tremendous shame, and are terribly confused.  Some of the men reported these events that happened to them when they were younger:
"I was awoken at night by my older brother and on occasion forced me to give him oral sex"  
"I had a friend and his father when I slept at his home had an encounter with him."  
"A neighbor that would pay me money for oral sex."  
"A teacher that paid attention to me and asked  me for oral sex in return" 
"I saw my older brother getting oral sex from his boyfriend and I always wondered what it would feel like to suck another mans dick." 
For a small percentage of men who experienced something like this in their lives, it triggered arousal and with continued thoughts about the incident with the onset of puberty it became a sexual fetish.

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