Monday, November 21, 2011

Marriage Survival Techniques during the Holiday Season

Holidays are the season to be happy “over come with joy”, time off of work, family time, vacations…..That all sound terrific if you are a character out of the movies, or you get to do the “It’s a wonderful Life and get the glimpse of what could have” I am not being a grinch or attempting to be negative, because I preach positive attitudes as a way of life. There is truth in learning marriage survival techniques as well, to get you through the holiday season.

The holiday season can be a tough time for many people, who are in fragile marriages, unhappy marriage, and financial stress. Surviving the holiday with a spouse that you are not happy to begin with is really what the article is intended for. Two people whom have been able to separate and tolerate each other over the year are forced now to put on a happy face for the children or extended family and spend happy holiday time together.

I think that part of survival is to adapt to the situation and make it better. During the holidays is not the best time to have the “I want a divorce talk”, or “if you don’t do this or that for me this holiday I am done.” It is about gong into the season with a mind set that it is not permanent, and the in-laws that may be coming over are leaving. Plan your holiday time ahead of time with the idea set in your head that you are going to make the holiday season brighter by mapping out a better life for yourself after the season is over.

Marriage Survival Techniques during the holiday

1. Go into the season with a frame of mind that it is temporary and what ever needs to be fixed you are prepared for it, planning it and executing the change after the New Year.

2. Plan ahead if you know that you are going to be irritated with your spouse’s parents, plan time for you to escape or cope ahead of time.

3. If you are spending vacation time with your spouse and the two of you don’t get along, then change the way you act around them, and watch how they change as well.

4. Take everyday for what it is and don’t get yourself worrying about tomorrow be in the moment.

5. Look at the holiday from the half class full and be thankful for what you do have not what you don’t.

6. Do something nice for others during the holiday, it will give you something else to do and it will make you feel better.
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