Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Unconventional Relationship Standards

Unconventional relationships come in many packages, including any part of a relationship that does not fall under the "normal" range. The question that I always ask as a sex therapist is what is the so called “normal range”? With the divorce rate increasing, along with couples staying in marriage for the sake of the children and finances.....putting unconventional in a relationship may be the answer to saving it.

What is unconventional? Anything that is not conventional, relating to relationships that may involve an open marriage, where the couple is together but dates other people, swingers, living in separate rooms, or even houses. Couples who are in the military also are considered an unconventional relationship not seeing each other for months at a time.

The idea that people stay married for extended periods of time and one spouse is no longer wanting sex in the marriage but the couple loves one another....this is one of the more common types of unconventional ....the sexless marriage.

Cheating usually happens with this type of situation, would it not be better to confront the truth that not having sex in the marriage is the unconventional part! Realizing that sex is part of the animal side of all humans and not having regular sex in any relationship is unconventional!
As we move into the next generation of relationships, couples, marriage, our idea of conventional will change along with the times......

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