Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A gift that a husband can enjoy long after the giving

The holidays are approaching; you’re busy buying presents for the family, friend’s relatives, with little time at all to think about your husband.  You have been married for so many years, and what possibly could you get him this year.  The fact is you’re not entirely happy with him or the marriage all together but you still love him and like the idea of the “family”.   Have you ever thought of giving the gift of you?  So many times couples put their marriage on the back burner and forget that the reason they got married was to share their lives together.  On this holiday give the gift of making your marriage matter and in doing that it will become a gift that keeps on giving.

Many times husbands really do feel neglected by their wives sexually, the sex gets rushed, or there is no time, it the same positions every time ect..  Working on the sexual intimacy in the marriage is what most marriages over time begin to lack. 

The first gift that you can give your husband this year is a small box with a card that tells him the time and place that the two of you are going to have a passionate evening together. 

The second gift will be a massage candle with a note stating an allover sensual body massage. 

The third gift will be a small note telling him to write in the blank note what he may want you to do to him on your passionate night that you planned to together.

The fourth gift will be a calendar, where the two of you mark down each week a date night and a night to start working on bringing the passion back into your marriage.

These gifts can be a holiday present, a birthday gift, or an anytime gift from you to him, letting him know that you want him, love him and are committed to making your marriage a priority.

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