Sunday, December 9, 2012

Your New Years Resolution To Bring Sexual Intimacy Back To Your Marriage

Have you lost that intimate connection with your spouse?

You can get it back with sexual intimacy counseling and so much more. Be proactive in your marriage  this year with intimacy counseling. Dawn Michael MFT clinical sexologist and relationship counselor, will give you the tools to make your sex life more passionate, sexy, fun, intimate and sensual.

Her proven techniques have helped thousands of couples to not only improve their sex lives but their marriage as well. Let's face it, sex can get boring and routine in a marriage.  Don't let another year go by in your relationship, feeling hurt, unloved or not worthy of being loved.  What is marriage without the intimacy, just two people living together, because they made the commitment to be married.  You dont have to have a relationship like that any more, Dawn has the tools for you and your spouse to make it better.

Each week Dawn gives the couple home assignments to complete, they are fun, sensual and help to bring the couple closer together.  Learn how to break the chains of silence surrounging the sex in your marriage! For more information on Sexual Intimacy counseling visit The Happy Spouse, fill out the intake form and make an appointment.  Dawn is an international counselor and can do virtual counseling through skype or local counseling in her office.

Mention that you saw the add and get 25% off the first three 50 minute appointments.

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