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Male Chastity The Truth Behind The Belt

It is advertised that one of the best ways to control a man and his deviant sexual behavior is to place him in a chastity belt?   OOOOh my can this really be true.......

The idea of a man allowing a woman to place his penis in chastity seems unimaginable to most people, why would any man allow a woman to control his orgasm?

The idea that a woman is going to put her man in chastity because he cheats on her is not the reality of the belt!  One has been lead to believe this is so, but the truth is that it is often times the man that wants to have his penis locked in the tight device and be controlled by the woman.  In fact most men that go into chastity are looking at it from an erotic stand point rather than keeping him from cheating.  For a woman the enjoyment can come from the fact that yes, she is controlling his orgasm to a certain extent, she has power over him, he is hers.....

Male chastity is one topic that is not often talked about or exposed.  The reason why, is that there is such a psychological component to it that many people don't understand.  Sexuality is not just a physical release or a simple role in the hay, people who like to have their minds stimulated along with their body crave advanced sexual play.

Placing a man in chastity can give the woman control over his orgasm, but not only that it can be a way for the man to use his denial of  touching himself to energize him  throughout the day.  He knows that he cannot touch his penis even if he wants to.  He is left with pure sexual energy that he has to channel into his work, or other activities throughout the day or even the week.  Some men have stayed in chastity for months, at a time waiting for their partner to let them free.

Denial of orgasm for a period of time is more psychological than physical.  The device locked around their penis gives them the ability to concentrate better at work and become more successful at what they do.

Another fallacy is that a man is not having an orgasm or can't have an orgasm while in chastity.  The release can be mental stimulation as well as his penis swelling in the device causing him to have a  slow drip orgasm, which for some men is more erotic than a full release.  (Sorry men had to let that little secret out of the bag!)

If you are a man that has experience with male chastity or wants to learn more please feel free to leave your comment.  For an appointment with Dr. Dawn Michael  visit The Happy Spouse!


Anonymous said...

My fiance and I have been practicing male chastity for about 6 months now. It is been the best thing to have happened to us. We have a strong relationship to start and this has brought us even closer. We started using chastity cages to keep him from masturbating, he has been addicted to the habit since he was 11 and he is now 31. He has never been able to have an orgasm other than masturbating and I wasn't having that. We now both enjoy sex when I un-lock his penis. I do see a huge improvement in his attitude after a week of being locked up. It's pretty funny to me after he orgasms he turns back into a typical man and after 7 days he turns into the guy who I dated for a month before I gave it up. After a weeks worth of time he is cleaning the whole house, surprising me with gifts, massage me, cooking dinner all without me asking. Because I like him so much this way I have him denied for 3-12 weeks at a time. We shower together ever week where I unlock him to bath and I shave him to my liking. I do tease his penis a few time a week I take it out and stroke him bring him to the edge then back down then to the edge again then I will lock him back up. This pumps his balls up to provide one hell of a release for him. He also pleases orally with the help of a vibrator and/or dildo. Every once in awhile I have him wear a penis extension sleeve so I can have the feeling of penetration with a girthy guy and it takes him a very long time to orgasm because he typically is a fast shooter after a few weeks. All of my friends and sister make comments all the time I am however embarrassed to tell them why he is the way he is. The one annoying part is he always complains about his balls being sore and swollen so I tell him to keep complaining and I will relieve some pressure for him and I give him a prostate massage with aneros massager. He doesn't really care for it but it helps with his swollen testicles. This summer I wanted a deck built and told him when he is through I would un-lock him and give him a whole week todo whatever he wishes to me. It's been three weeks and he is almost finished, we don't have much money and we couldn't afford to pay someone so I thought it was a great idea. I think I am going to tell him it needs to be stained and sealed when he asks me to check it out. If he didn't have the cage on he would masturbate behind my back and I would be treated as great as I do now, not saying he would treat me bad he just treats me like I am staring in a movie everyday and I am the center of his attention and fantasies. Give it a go, try with holding an irgasm from your husband for a few weeks and see the changes for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I do the same to my husband, but I only give him 10 days a year being un-locked to have as many orgasms as possible on those days. He was the one that asked for it in the begging, and he hated it at first now he is accustomed to it. We been practicing male chastity for almost five years now. I am happier more then ever before, he offers to wake up early and take care of our kids, volunteers to help with stuff around the house and he brings me to orgasm almost every night with his fingers/tongue/dildo/vibrator/or strap on. I have talked with other wives in my neighborhood and they now do the same thing to their husbands. I am looking into piercing my husbands penis and getting a higher security device soon. One of my friends got her husbands penis pierced and sad that during intercouse it felt amazing and now that there are custom devices made there is absolutely no chance of him ever breaking out without a key. I also agree with the prostate massaging if your edging him you need to periodically milk the prostate, I keep my husband still locked up while I do it and ill have him completely naked while I am still dressed to show my dominance. On days when the kids are gone and its just us he cleans the house naked for me as I like to watch him. His penis is still my favorite sex toy and I do like to edge him with him penetrating me but not allowing him to cum until I say so, if its to hard for him to do that's when we move to a toy. If he does cum without permission he has to clean it up with his tongue and still to this day he hasn't done so.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a guy locked in chastity. It is pretty close to being accurate that I see a change in my own behavior. It takes about a week with out an orgasm and I start feeling great. I was a chronic masturbater my whole life and wearing a chastity device helps me not give into temptation and rely solely on my wife for relief. Our sex life is great, I work all week trying to get her in the mood by romancing her and she leaves a list of chores and projects she wants done and if the list is done and she's in the mood I get to be un-locked. We intially started with a 90 day denial to re-boot my brain and now my wife insists I wear the chastity device 24/7 still and it's been over a year now. I do have to say going 90 days (actually 96) was very hard but it helped me get the urge to masturbate off my mind. Chastity was a game changer for me I haven't touched my penis in over a year and my wife controls my orgasms and my penis. I don't mind it as my wife will play with my penis often she also likes to edge me multiple times in a night and in a week. This does help me have strong and huge orgasms. My wife will be mean sometimes if I talk back or not do something she will edge me for a few weeks. She does blindfold me and either tie me up or put me in hand cuffs behind my back. I do think the blindfolding helps the most getting over my masturbation habit as my body has adjusted to only the slightest tought that she controls. She now knows if I am going to cum which helps her and I enjoy sex so I can last long enough for her to have orgasms. I also give my wife oral often and we use an array of vibrators, dildos, and extension sleeves. I have a Lori device #15, I also do have a Frenum piercing. I can say I have tried to escape and wasn't very successful. Here's a link to her page
Here are a few other links to help couples
This is one that discusses Braun chemistry and male orgasm

I will have to say after time I don't hate it, but I do appreciate the benefits far more. My wife does a great job playing with me to keep excited and wanting more.

Anonymous said...

I locked myself in chastity last fall and gave the key to my wife to hold on to so she could help me with my masturbation habit. Well I don't masturbate and she only un-locks me when she wants to havd sex which is not often at all maybe 3-4 times a month. I do however see myself trying to sweep her off her feet and get her in the mood more than when I wasn't in chastity. Over time she has gradually dressed proactively for me around the house because she knows it drives me nuts and I will do more and more because of it. It seems so many guys that try this for quitting masturbation it seems they get locked in permamnately on their wife's behalf. To any other couples looking to help aid the ending of masturbation it does take about 90 days to reboot your brain if your trying to quit. I wish my wife would edge me or at least play with my penis a little bit or message my prostate to relieve some pressure when I go awhile. I am pretty average size wise but I think my wife doesn't un-lock me more often is because she doesn't receive as much pleasure from me penetrating here. She naturally has a big vagina and if I don't feel much while doing her she must not feel much either. I feel more sensation/squeezing when I wear an extension sleeve than I do without anything. I also haven't received any blow jobs since we started she thinks that I don't enjoy them or something and I give her tongue almost every night. I am not one to recommend chastity, I guess if my wife played with me more i would be for it but she pretty much locks it and takes it out for potty sex every once in awhile and will come home and walk around in scantly lace lingerie -which I do like though.

Anonymous said...

Does this have any know health complications? My wife wants to me to try this to spice things up. Not completely sold on wearing something like this. Is it even comfortable to wear? My wife tells me these are more common than I think. I am always willing to try something but I can't find anywhere that it is safe to wear, any info would help.

Anonymous said...

Dawn thanks for the great post. I have been intrigued with male chastity and put my husband in a cbk6000s chrome edition 3 weeks ago and the results are amazing! From what I read men should go 90 days intially and added time for whining or misbehaving. I never thought him masturbating was a big deal, but I now realize how much energy he really wasted doing it. I have learned to have a little fun with this and bought a riding crop to spank his bottom when he miss-behaves. My husband is the best he's ever been, and has so much more energy to please me. I hardly see him laying on the couch doing nothing anymore. He is starting to complain about his balls being swollen and I added a week for his complaining, and now after reader the others post I ordered a prostate massager so next time he mentions it he gets a choice to have another week added or to have his prostate massaged. I wish I heard about this 10 years ago when we first meet, I have been telling all my friends about this now, but haven't told them that I am actually doing it though.

Dawn Michael said...

I wanted to put the article out just so that people would know more about male chastity, even though it is still taboo, it is on the rise. As far as health issues, there of course are some, so always use the belt in moderation. If a man feels any irritation then take it off, always have a separate key for an emergency.

Anonymous said...

I masturbate almost everyday, but I would love my wife to put a chastity belt on me so I could do other things with my hands. So how does one bring a partner to understannd such a desire when tha person doesn't have even the slightest trace of dominating spirit?

Anonymous said...

I'm a 31yo guy with a 22yo girlfriend who keeps me locked in chastity. We first tried playing with a chastity lock as a game just to be kinky after I brought it up and floated the idea of using. We used it off and on for a few weeks and had fun with it, but I eventually stopped wearing it since I wasn't sure if she was just going along with it because she thought it turned me on.

About a month went by, and for whatever reason, we kind of got into a rut. We weren't getting along as well, and our sex life was kind of out of sync. I seemed to be wanting it more than she did, and I ended up masturbating a lot and getting off without her since the sex had died down.

Neither of us seemed to be able to figure out why were weren't getting along as well, but she said it annoyed her how it seemed like I expected sex from her whenever I wanted it and that our sex drives weren't matched up.

I was kind of afraid we were actually heading toward breaking up since I couldn't figure out how to fix whatever the problem was. But one while we were watching TV, she out of the blue asked me what I'd think about wearing the chastity lock again for her. I was surprised since I didn't know she liked it that much. I asked her if it would turn her on and make her happy if I started wearing the lock again, and she smiled and emphatically nodded yes. She said she REALLY liked it but was afraid I wouldn't want to wear it. She thought it would be good for us to start using it again because she thought our dynamic was a lot better when I was locked and that I acted differently toward her. She said I was nicer and more romantic and gave her more attention.

I let her set the schedule, and she decided that she only wanted to unlock me once a week so that we could have sex every weekend . . . if I earned it. Starting out, I had to work out four times a week in order for her unlock me the next weekend.

We kept it going regularly like that, and everything went great as far as our relationship. She loved having me over to hang out with her roommates, knowing I was locked the whole time. She said it turned her on for me to sleep over at her place and shower there around her roommates while I was locked.

THE PROBLEM though, is physical. After being locked regularly for a while, I noticed that the veins on the top of my penis were changing. Where the veins met, kind of a the joint, they had enlarged into bigger splotches. Almost like the veins had expanded from the pressure of trying to get hard in the lock. Also, I don't think my erection when I'm unlocked is as full or hard as it used to be. I'm afraid the lock may have done some permanent damage so that I can't get as hard as I used to. It's actually really worried me -- it makes sense, though, I guess since the tendons are under constant pressure if you're trying to get hard in the lock.

Has anyone else had problems like this? I'm hoping it's not going to cause permanent ED, and it also sucks because I had to stop wearing the lock. My girlfriend totally understands -- she doesn't want to ruin my penis -- but we've also lost that spark again, and she said she misses having me locked.

Any feedback on the health problems as far as vein changes and any erectile dysfunction would be appreciated. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

my husband has been locked in in a chastity device for about 15 years now. I was tired of dating alpha males because they brought to much drama into my life so I started searching for more submissive type males to date and it didn't take very long because the both of us worked in a call center(telemarketing) which was largely female dominated. my husband to be, at that time exhibited very docile tendencies toward many of the females bosses, that's when I knew he was the one. we eventually started dating and we got married 2-months later, and on our wedding day I did something totally unexpected when it was time for me to put the wedding band on his finger, I put my hands on both of his shoulders and gently pushed him onto his knees, he looked so confused, but that was my first sign to show everybody who was the boss, after that I raised his left arm and very forcefully shoved the wedding ban onto his finger. many people laughed and my bridesmaids started clapping their hands, my husband was to embarrassed to look me in the eyes, and at that point I forcefully pulled his left arm up to bring him back in his standing position, there was even greater laughter then !! but I showed my husband and the wedding party who was going to be "wearing the pants" in this marriage. It was about 3-months later that i purchased a male chastity device, they were not very popular in the mainstream of society then, but I wanted my husband locked in one. I told my husband if he ever cheated on me that I would take a butcher knife and cut off his dick and stuff it in his mouth, and this chastity device would ensure his safety. he gladly accepted wearing the chastity belt. it is truly amazing the psychological effect that a male chastity has, even more powerful that making your man wear panties ! my husband over the years has become very compliant to my demands, he is docile and obedient, he is extremely attentive to me, and it is a very powerful mental stimuli for me as his wife and "key holder" for every woman out there, the male chastity device is a "absolutely must have" in these times, it is a powerful tool that women can use to help there males from chronic masturbation, and infidelity. the modern woman must take control of her male, they(males) need us to help them with their problems, that they are to ashamed to admit. face it ladies we are superior to males in many ways, and most males are willing to accept being locked up in chastity, just simply tell them or ask them or demand it. internet masturbation of males is a worldwide epidemic and as women we must do something about it. the only real solution is male chastity belts as soon as a male has his first "wet dream" that should be the time to control his sexual appetite. as we women become even more empowered, we should use our natural dominance to make our males, (husbands especially) chastity men, and husbands will be the leading example for all males to see chastity as the norm in today's society. it is our responsibility as women to guide in the next generation of males in chastity, these younger males today are already primed and ready to accept males chastity from information on the internet about the topic. a recent internet poll was taken about the number of males willing to engage in male chastity and the response was an overwhelming 89% in favor of male chastity. I hope that some day soon male chastity will be as common as male circumcision and we as women must see that it will be.

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