Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brain sex the biggest sex organ in the body

Stimulate the mind, and the body will rise to the occasion.
This is a fact, mental stimulation surrounding sex is one way to increase desire, passion and eroticism.  For both men and women being able to tap into that part of the brain that is responsible for creating desire is not always so easy.  There is an art form to it that some people naturally have a gift for and others have to be comfortable learning how to do it.

Brain sex involves drawing the brain into the erotic process of teasing, stimulation from  the words themselves, tone and pace of the voice.  One way to understand the power of brain sex is to try it out on your partner and see their reaction.  Creating a scene or even talking about what you want to do to their bodies can be enough to get their juices flowing.
Stimulating words to start with can be as simple as:  Kissing, caressing, sucking, massaging, entering, releasing, rubbing.  "I want to kiss the back of your neck and rub your inner thighs".  "When I am touching your body I want to slowly enter you between your legs".  Teasing words such as, "when I see you next time I want to slowly caress your neck, back and then move down to your thighs".  Avoiding the typical words that most people would think evoke the mind but can actually turn it off if not done in the correct way, would be mentioning typical body parts.

There is also a difference in the way a man process the words than a woman does, for most women the teasing words that I mentioned above will entice her and activate her brain, for a man some more direct sentences will activate his mind.  A woman can tell her man that she is thinking about him being inside of her and thrusting deeply or for most men this is an even bigger turn on by saying "Just thinking about you is making me wet"  As you have noticed I have used no language in this article other than subtle phrases and words that the mind has to work to create the rest of the though process.
Did any of the words or phrases in this article turn you on?

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