Friday, March 22, 2013

Why high powered executive men choose to be submissive in bed

There is an absolute correlation in men and high powered jobs that are responsible for being in charge during the day that want to let go and be taken control of during sex or at least not have to always be the one initiating.  

The complete loss of control and submission to a woman in the bedroom, takes the pressure off of the sexual situation and gives the man the ability to relax and enjoy the sexual experience.  This type of submission can take on many different degrees of submissive behavior, depending on the man.  I have worked with men in my practice for many years and some range from erection problems, orgasm issues, or simply lack of intellectual erotic stimulation to more harsh discipline, including denial of orgasm, chastity and forms of cuckolding.

The correlation even goes beyond the boardroom so to speak and into the mind of many of these men. 

The idea of "normal" sex is not enough to stimulate their minds which is the biggest sex organ in the body, with the penis coming next.  When a man is dominated by a woman and put in a submissive position, he is not only out of control but left guessing what is in store for him, leaving him with all types of situations that can happen.  The idea of pain and punishment is also part of the brain that located in the amygdala fight or flight that can be arousing adding the extra adrenalin to kick in making the experience all that more exciting.

For a woman who is married to a man that has hented about her taking control of him in the bedroom, make it a point to enquire more about it.  If he is asking it means that he has already been thinking about it, and if you are not going to be the one to step in and at least play, he will find another way to explore his submissive side.  One way to eaise into the situation with your husband would be to take charge of the sex in your marriage from time to time, initating the sex play and telling him what to do.  You may be surprised at how delighted and obedient he will become.  As I stated there are different degrees of submissive that men like some being more extreme than others, but as a couple you can play around and explore together the possibilities rather than him exploring it with another women.

For some women this may sound like a completely strange example but I have know women to put their man in a maids apron butt naked, and demand that he clean the house then, come back to the bedroom and give her a foot massage.  May sound far fetched to some, but a women who really understands the concept and
can play, may enjoy her marriage all that much more!

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