Sunday, April 28, 2013

Women cheat in marriage for different reasons than a man

When a women cheats in a marriage it is typically different than when a man cheats.  Men will cheat purely for sexual gratification if it comes there way, whereas a women will cheat for love and affection if it comes her way.  There are of course acceptations to all situations but for the most part the intent and motivation being the a cheating wife or a cheating husband is different.

The intimacy involved int cheating is also different just in a functional sense.  A women allows a man to enter her where as a man enters a women.  She is opening up her body, and with that there is also an emotional component to it.  Many times a woman that has been married for a while, may feel neglected and a loss of love by her husband and a man to fill that void in her life.  A married women that cheats is more likely to end the marriage than a married man that cheats. 

When she falls out of love with her husband she may feel trapped in a situation or in some instances just becomes more vulnerable and looking for a new love in her life.  Repairing a marriage after a woman cheats is also less likely to happen.  Typically her feeling in the marriage will end while she is still is married, whereas a man will end the marriage first and then get emotionally involved after the marriage is over.

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