Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Can sex get better with age?

In many cases sex can become more intimate as we get older rather then just a quick roll in the hay.  For men this becomes even more prevalent as they age and mature because their testosterone levels calm down enough for them to evaluate a potential sex partner.  Sex can also become more exploratory, and less instinctual as our brains mature with our bodies.

For most people the connection that comes with having a consistent sexual partner can be very gratifying rather then just a one night stand or sex buddy.  The intimate connection is what makes ordinary sex into extraordinary sex.  As we get older as well we get to know our bodies bodies better, this is epically true for women.  Many times a woman in her twenties does not really understand what turns her on or may have difficulty achieving orgasm.  For a younger man he may have not taken the time to learn how to enjoy a woman he is with and the sexual pleasure that comes from knowing how to please her.

The answer to the title of the article is absolutely yes, sex can and does get better with age, but many couples who have been in long term relationships also have to realize that it may take some work to get there.
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