Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sexually starved marriage

Are you in a sexually starved marriage?

Did you ever think that it could get so bad, that at some point you and your spouse are starving each other of the one thing that defines you as a married couple.  Some people may disagree with this aspect and say that sex is not that important, but the truth is, without sex or sexual intimacy are you not just partners, friends, roommates?

The truth is that sex is a huge part of marriage, and in fact any committed relationship.  The closeness that sex brings to a couple can be the glue that keeps the marriage sacred.  When I use the word sex, it also means sexual intimacy and that is the exchange of deep emotions surrounding  the sexual experience, which is equally as important as sex itself.  The feelings of closeness and the emotional connection that sex can bring.

You can still be having sex in a marriage but be sexually starved?

This is a concept that often gets missed over time, the sex is the act the feeling of connection and love that are associated with the sex is the intimacy.  When that is lacking then the connection is gone and many times the sex becomes a chore or duty, in the relationship which now has a negative connotation rather than a positive shared experience.

There are two very big factors that play into the intimacy of the sexual experience and one is the touching, kissing and holding associated with the sexual interaction, the other is orgasm.  Both of these elements if not exchanged during sex can leave the experience less than thrilling, frustrating and having a negative impact rather than a loving exchange.

Be aware of each others feeling during sex and talk about it after, making sure that your partner is pleased, and satisfied, most couple don't ask each other and that leads to years of frustration.  You don't have to live in a sexually starved marriage nor should anyone.
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