Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I lost my erection during sex what do I do?

I want to be as straight forward as possible about men and their erections!

Front and Center --(no pun intended but the truth)

This article is not only for men but for women as well, in hopes to educate on the simple fact that a man can and will at some point in his life lose his erection while in the act of sex or sex play.  The first time this may happen a man may be alarmed or just a passing situation depending on his attitude and his partners attitude.  For some men it can lead to a spiraling effect of performance anxiety and for others, they don't make a big deal about it.  The fact remains as men age, so do their raging hard on and it is completely normal.

For the women who are with a man and he loses his erection during intercourse or in the process of sex play, don't say anything just take charge of the situation and get him hard again.  This will eliminate any discussion over it or judging.  The simple fact is that blood rushes into the penis and blood can rush out, and then it can rush back in again.  The problem starts when the man gets embarrassed by his loss of a hard on and then begins to worry about it.  The worrying adds to the problem because it makes his heart beat faster the blood that was giving him an erection now is being used to support other parts of his body organs.  Once he can calm down and his partner take over, then he can relax again and in a few moments she can stimulate him to a full erection again.  A few other methods that work are penis pumps, male vibrators, male stimulation lotions or the simplest way, the woman touching herself in front of him taking away his focus on himself.  A man is always up for a good show from the sexy woman his is having sex with.

The next time there is a loss of erection, just relax and think about what turns you on, focus on your partner and don't worry about it, soon it will up and ready to pleasure her again, not to mention yourself!

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